A unique Scottish holiday cottage by the sea

Set in a stunning historic and natural landscape

Experience the drama of the sea

Enjoy a relaxing time by the beach

Heather Heugh

A unique Scottish holiday cottage by the Sea

Heather Heugh is a unique Scottish holiday cottage to be found on the east coast. Nestled between the cliffs and the sea at Cove harbour, Berwickshire. The location is remote and picturesque with the historic working harbour, the changeable sea and the dramatic coastline as a backdrop.

The cottage comfortably sleeps up to five people over three generous bedrooms. The spacious upstairs lounge provides stunning views over the harbour and coastline while, the large downstairs kitchen and dining room is the perfect setting for any meal.

Heather Heugh is suitable for families looking for a bit of adventure, couples looking for a bit of seclusion by the sea or anyone looking for some special time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Bedding and towels are provided, along with some fuel for the two log burning stoves. The cottage is available all year round and is perfect for a dramatic winter getaway or summer family holiday by the sea. If you are looking for something a bit different then Heather Heugh what you are looking for. It is a beautiful and unique Scottish holiday cottage.

About Cove

Cove Harbour was constructed in 1828 and improved by the breakwater in 1831 but was used by boats long before that. The harbour piers were pre-dated by the rock-cut tunnel (which you pass through to reach Heather Heugh) in 1752. All through the 19th century Cove was a busy herring fishing port but was hit by disaster in 1881 when 11 of its 21 fishermen were lost at sea to a great storm. The disaster is marked by a sculpture by Jill Watson at the top of the track that leads down to the harbour.

Today the Harbour is owned by Cove Harbour Conservation Ltd and they ask visitors to observe the Scottish Outdoor Access Agreement. Please leave Cove harbour litter free and use the bin provided at the carpark. Although Cove is a working harbour with lobster and crab being available to buy from the fishermen it has also appeared in a number of TV shows and films with Dame Judi Dench, Billy Connolly, Stephen Fry and Robbie Coltrane being some famous visitors.

Heather Heugh cottage was once a fish drying house called the Haddock House before it was renovated into a home. The area around the cottage is also a Site of Special Scientific interest mainly because of the unusual geology and rock structures. Siccar Point, where Jame Hutton discovered one of his unconformities and helped shape his theory’s on the age of the earth, is just a few miles south and can be reached by a cliff top walk along the Southern Uplands way.

It is worth noting that there is no shop in Cove. There is a Post Office in Cocksburnpath and a super-market in Dunbar. There is no vehicular access to the cottage and everything you want with you has to be carried. Don’t worry, its not far and quite an adventure. Parking is provided in the village of Cove just above the track down to the harbour. Once down the track you pass through the smugglers tunnel before you exit onto the beach. A quick walk over the sands finds you at the gate of Heather Heugh.

Things to do at Cove

Relax – Simply enjoy life by a small working harbour on the east coast of Scotland. If its sunny then the small beach is perfect for sunbathing and a wee paddle. Or fire up the barbecue in the garden and maybe cook something brought in by the fishermen. If there is a storm brewing cosy up in the cottage and watch the drama unfold from the upstairs lounge window.

Read, Write or paint – Heather Heugh, due to its secluded location is perfect for helping create a bit of head space to write or paint. Be inspired by the seascape, the weather and the environment to help you create or to simply read. Cove harbour has inspired many writers and painters over the years.

Explore – At low tide, explore the rock-pools, sea-caves and cliffs surrounding the cottage. See what wildlife lives in the pools or the many types of birds, including Heron and Cormorant living by the coast. Further afield you can visit the beach at Pease Bay, wander along the cliff-top path with breath-taking views to Siccar Point, site of James Hutton’s unconformity.

Visit – Cove is also a short drive from other small fishing towns and villages such Dunbar, St Abbs and Eyemouth. They offer local shopping, museums and as you would expect, great fish and chips. Of course by the end of the day you be glad to get back to the quiet seclusion of Heather Heugh.

Where is Heather Heugh Cottage

Cove Harbour, Berwickshire, Scotland

Heather Heugh Cottage

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